Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quizlet Helps Students Study for Tests

Quizlet is a popular test review website for teachers and students at Hernandez Middle School. Recently students in 6th grade World Cultures used this popular tool to review for a World Cultures Test. Quizlet allows the teacher to create study guides, which students use to study for a test. Students are able to review using a variety of methods from flash cards to timed matching to racing. They can study in test mode or review mode. Students in Ms. Bloch's World Cultures class used Dell Venue tablets during class to study and review for the test. Quizlet is also available to students as an app for their phones and can be used at home on a computer. Students in Ms. Bloch's class did very well on their test. And while we can't say for sure that Quizlet contributed to higher test scores, we do know that students spent more time studying for their test because Quizlet made it fun for them to study.

Using Quizlet's Scatter, Students race against a timer to make terms and definition disappear.

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