Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mrs. Bloch to Pilot Digital Classroom

Hernandez Middle School 6th Grade Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Bloch will be piloting Dell Venue Tablets in her classroom as part of Round Rock ISD Next Generation Digital Classroom Pilot. Students in Mrs. Bloch's classroom turned on the tablets for the first time this past week. Students will be using the tablets to create, collaborate, communicate and think critically. Mrs. Bloch will be introducing lessons that use the tablets to help students think globally and develop their technology and social studies learning. Mrs. Bloch attended training over the summer and is seen below learning on the interactive display. The classroom in Mrs. Bloch's room has been equipped with an interactive projector as part of the pilot. Students in Mrs. Bloch's classroom seemed pleased with the tablets and look forward to using them this year. Stay tuned for more news on the pilot as students start using them in their Social Studies curriculum.

Mrs. Bloch test out the interactive screen.

Dell Venue Tablet with Keyboard