Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Students Reflect on Online Information

Mr. Gembicki's 8th Grade Language Arts class recently combined technology, collaboration and the Middle Years Programme Learner Profile and Areas of Interaction to get to the truth of information provided online. Students were asked to write a journal entry about what they read, write a poem or draw a picture about what they read. Students then reflected on the information they read. 

Google Apps for Education

Teachers and Students are finding many ways to use Google Apps for Education in the classroom. 6th Grade World Cultures shared comments on information they were reading about Latin America. Students could see what other students thought about the article and teachers, Ms. Reale and Ms. Bloch were able to comment on students questions. Students still learning English were able to translate the article in Spanish and participate in the discussion.

Mr. Gembicki and Ms. Morgan are using Google Docs to collect student assignments. Students can also email teachers with questions and help on assignments. A student that was absent from Ms. Morgan's class emailed her asking if he could do the class assignment on his computer.

Mr. Murphy's class used google docs to share presentations with the class. Students are able to create folders in google drive to collect their documents. The folder is shared with the teacher and the teacher can grade and comment on the assignment.

There are many more examples of students and teachers use of Google Apps for Education. Students like how easy it is to turn in their assignments and teachers like the ease of grading online papers.