Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Social Media in US History Class

Students in Mr. Gerhardstein and Mr. Jones US History classes recently used a Web 2.0 Tool, Fakebook to demonstrate their knowledge of US History events. Fakebook uses a Facebook like platform for students to create social media posts. Students used their creativity to design a conversation that George Washington, James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe might have had on a social media account such as facebook. Students created a profile, friends, posts and comments for their US History person. In the process of creating their posts, students had to demonstrate their knowledge of historical events.

Response Devices Popular with Teachers and Students

Teachers at Hernandez Middle School are using Turning Point Response Devices to find out just what their students know. Students benefit from using Turning Point Response Devices by getting instant feedback on warm ups, quizzes and even tests. Response devices allow teachers to gather instant data from their students that guide classroom discussions and inform teachers and students where gaps exist in learning as well as the misconceptions students may have in their learning.

Teachers using response devices include Andrea Pikas, 8th grade math and sixth grade Social Studies teachers, Natalie Reale, Jennifer Bloch and Jay Ferguson. Students in 6th grade Social Studies classes regularly review for tests with response devices and even take tests using the response devices. When used to take a test, students receive their grade as soon as they submit their test.

Sixth grade Math teachers Laura Terry and Jennifer Gregorcyk use response devices to check their students understanding of math. Seventh grade Language Arts teachers Ashley Stanley, Sofie Vastano and Julia Ross are using response devices during warm ups a the beginning of class. Also using response devices to generate class discussion and quiz students is Danielle Lacey, 6th grade Language Arts teacher.

Response devices have allowed teachers to gather data on their classes so they can tailor their teaching to meet their students needs.