Tuesday, October 23, 2012

QR Codes in Science

Ms. Hoeber's 8th Grade classes recently reviewed for a test over weather using QR Codes. Students were given short answer questions and used QR Codes to check their answers. Students matched their answers to the QR code. The activity allowed students to bring their own devices (BYO) to school to use in the classroom. Students brought i-pads, cellphones and i-pod touches to class. Students that did not have a device used laptops equipped with QR readers. Students reported that they enjoyed using their own devices for the review. Ms. Hoeber was pleased at how well the activity went and plans to use QR Codes in the classroom again.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Word Clouds

8th Grade Language Arts students in Mr. Gembicki's classes used Word Clouds to help them identify the writer's ability to describe or set a mood in a story. Students read one of the following stories, “Paul Revere’s Ride”, “Rules of the Game” and  “Out of Bounds”. Students were then asked to find five pieces of text evidence that show the feeling of the story. These five examples were then used to create a word cloud using Wordle or Tagxedo. Wordle and Tagxedo take text and create word clouds by emphasizing the words used most often in the text. These high frequency words are shown larger than other words. Examples of student work are shown below. See if you can guess the mood of the author and the story that the student read.