Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ASPIRE Music Technology Class Produces Song

ASPIRE Students work on producing Music is my Life
With the help of RRISD's Fine Arts department, ASPIRE offered a Music Technology class for the fall semester. Students met with Jake Rodriguez of Urban Grooves every week and used music production technology to produce their own song, Music is my Life. Students worked together to decide who would do the various part of the song such as background voices, lead vocal, and music production. In the process they learned what it takes to record a song. Students used PRO tools provided by Urban Grooves as well as other music technology software and hardware. Students went on a field trip to a recording studio and the Art Institute to learn more about music production. This has been an amazing experience for the students that participated. Students involved in the program are Ely Cantu, Ethan Pitts, Kodi Johnson, Isaiah McVade, Matthew Vega, Devin Pitts, Arely Carreon, Amaja Greenfield, Azia Greenfield, Chuck Chukwurah, Shon Deshay, Joshua Cornejo.