Tuesday, September 25, 2012

8th Grade Language Arts Make Real World Connections

Mr. Gembicki's 8th Grade Language Arts Classes used a story from their textbook "A Hike in New York City" to research meaningful connections to the story. Each student used their research skills to find a personal connection, a connection to the story from outside the U.S. such as a world event or world news, a connection to another story or poem or a connection to an image or sound. Students linked the websites where they made the connections to an assignment that they submitted using moodle. Mr. Gembicki used a video to explain the lesson to students, so they were able to refer back to his video in moodle for clarification of the assignment. Mr. Gembicki notes that using the video seemed to cut down on the number of questions students had about the assignment.

Students look for meaningful connections to "A Hike in New York City"

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Math Students Use Moodle Over The Summer

The 2012-2013 school year is underway and Bulldog "Bytes" will likely have many Technology posts throughout the year. I wanted to begin this school years posts by highlighting summer use of technology by Math students at Hernandez Middle School. Over the summer about 100 students used moodle to improve their Math skills so they could begin Algebra this fall. The program was very successful as nearly 100% of students who participated in the summer Math program improved their skills and are enrolled in Algebra. Students used Moodle to learn math skills and then test their understanding of the math concepts. Students worked from home and attended tutoring with Math Dept. chair, Michael Ota on several Mondays  during the summer at Hernandez Middle School. Moodle allowed students to go back and learn the skills they had trouble with until they mastered them. Students received instant feedback on what math skill they were having trouble with and could focus on improving the skill. Congratulations to all students who used their summer to improve their math skills. Congratulations to Mr. Ota for using Technology to give students instant feedback and allowing them to learn at their own pace.