Friday, February 3, 2012

Digital Learning Day at Hernandez Middle School

Students in Mr. Gembicki's class observe Digital Learning Day

Students learn about blogs

Digital Learning Day was February 1st and 8th graders at Hernandez Middle School took time to learn about blogs and being good digital citizens. Students were asked to read Student Opinion blogs on the New York Times education blog and the Tween Tribune blog. Students participated in classroom discussion about the blog articles they read and commented on the blogs. Students learned what makes a good comment on a blog and how being a good Digital Citizen contributes to the dialogue. Some students had never read or posted on a blog but others are very familiar with blogs. An 8th Grader in Mr. Gembicki's class wrote "The last time I posted on a blog was a few weeks ago when I commented on an article about the race for the Republican Nomination. It added to the dialogue with multiple readers."

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