Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Students Use Understanding Math to Learn Key Math Concepts

Students in all Math classes have been using computers in the lab and on carts to study Math concepts using Understanding Math software. This software allows teachers to differentiate Math lessons according to student needs. Students can practice difficult concepts and receive feedback as they go through the lessons. Teachers are able to receive feedback on where their students are and where they are having difficulty.

SMART Board in the Functional Academic Classroom

Students in Ms. Jordan's FAC (Functional Academic Classroom) are interacting with the SMART Board to learn math, science and social studies. Ms. Jordan uses lessons on the SMART Board that allow students to select the answers to a question and check to see if they are correct. Ms. Jordan also uses the SMART Board for daily activities in her classroom. Students in Ms. Jordan's classroom are excited about going up to the board to test their knowledge.