Friday, November 18, 2011

Robodogs place 8th at Capitol Best Robotics

The Hernandez Middle School Robotics Team "Robodogs", placed 8th overall at the Capitol BEST (Boosting Engineering Science & Technology) Robotics competition. On Saturday, October 22nd, the Robodogs robot Pepe competed against 24 other robots. Hernandez Middle School was one of 3 middle schools in the competition and placed 1st overall in competition with the other middle schools. The final tabulations were recently announced by Capitol BEST after final judging in the areas of Design Notebook, Spirit and Sportsmanship, Team Exhibit & Interviews, and Website were added to the head to head robot competition scores.

The competition was designed as a real world problem. Genetically engineered bugs are being raised in a lab to help humans. The genetically engineered bugs include flies, mosquitoes, termites and roaches that are accidentally released from the lab and are in a nearby field. The robot's job is to capture the bugs and place them in one of three containment areas with food. The three containment areas were designed to provide varying amounts of difficulty for placing the bugs, with points awarded according to the containment area the bugs are placed in by the the robot. The bugs were represented by styrofoam balls (flys), weighted cloth cylinders (termites) and hex bugs (roaches). Tennis balls were used as food. The Robodogs team was able to capture some of the flies to earn points for their team. Members of the Robodogs team included Izel, Arantza, Zach, Roman, Briana, Branden, James, Fernando and Jared. Sponsors for the Robodogs were Scott Smith, Trista McCombs and Irma Bauer. This is the 2nd year Hernandez Middle School has participated in the Capitol BEST Robotics competition.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Multi-Media Class Creates Public Service Announcements

Mr. Romero's Mulit-media classes have been busy creating Public Service Announcements using Animoto. The Announcements were done to promote the 2012 Hernandez Yearbook as well as the student's favorite non-profit.

Yearbook Promotion

Pennies for Pandas


American Forests

ASPIRE Students Create Videos on Bullying

Hernandez Middle School ASPIRE students have been learning about WEB 2.0 tools in Mr. Ota's after school ASPIRE class. Students created a public service announcement on Hurricane preparedness and videos on bullying and spreading rumors and posted them on you tube. Students will be learning about various WEB 2.0 tools throughout the semester. Students showcased their work at a Family Night in September.

Hurricane Preparedness

A Bully Movie

No More Rumors