Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moodle Used for Oral Administration of District Benchmark

Hernandez Middle School Special Education Teachers, Mary Jansen, Kristin Harper, Pamela White and Sofie Vastano are administering the District Math and Language Arts Benchmark to students that require oral administration of exams by using Moodle. The exam questions are recorded and uploaded to moodle, where students listen to each question with a copy of the benchmark in front of them. Students are able to listen to the questions at their own pace and review as often as they need to answer the questions. Students do not have to wait for their teacher to read to them.

Moodle Taking off at Hernandez Middle School

The beginning of the semester has inspired teachers at Hernandez Middle School to try something new, Moodle. Moodle is a learning management system that allows teachers to make their course content available online to students. Student have access to the course from any computer at school or at home. Since moodle is online, students have more options for accessing the course content. Teachers are using moodle to deliver quizzes to students that provide instant feedback and help students identify where they need to focus their learning. Teachers are also using moodle to deliver study questions and to differentiate content for students. Other uses of Moodle include glossaries, assignments and practice. Links to online resources and documents are all available through moodle. Teachers that have requested moodle courses or are using moodle include 8th grade LA teachers, Casey Gembicki and Kristin Morgan and 7th grade LA teachers, Danielle Lacey and Andrew Hasbrouck. Math Teachers using moodle include, 6th Grade Teachers Michael Ota, Jennifer Gregorcyck, Ed Martir, 7th Grade Teachers, Laura Terry, Amada Clark, Merrill Davis, Kristin Harper, and 8th grade teachers, Logan Wood, Mary Jansen, Fredric Noriega and Catherine Serna. Science Teachers using Moodle include 8th Grade Science Teacher Kathleen Hoeber and Science Instructional Coach Gloria Schuldt. Elective Teachers that have requested moodle courses are Career Portals Teacher, Scott Smith and Foreign Language teacher Talal Zinnedine.