Monday, November 29, 2010

SMART Notebook Software assists with Assessment Reflection

Jenny Schmitt's Algebra classes are using Smart Notebook software to help them understand what they missed on their benchmark exam and to reflect on their performance on the benchmark exam. Ms. Schmitt used the capture tool on the notebook software to capture the item analysis report on the class performance for each question. The data was taken from the data provided by the multi-function printer. She used the document camera to capture the question from the benchmark exam and pasted both the question data and the question on a notebook page. The information was projected onto the screen for the class to see. Students were able to see how the class performed on the question and review the question at the same time. At the end of the analysis, Ms. Schmitt asked students to reflect on what they were most proud of regarding their performance on the benchmark, how pleased they were with their overall performance, one thing they learned during the error analysis in class and what their goal is for the next district assessment.

Response Devices Provide Instant Feedback to Students

Students at Hernandez Middle School are using Response Devices to help them understand where they need to focus their learning. Teachers have been using TAKS questions and standards based questions to help students understand what they know and what they need to learn. The response devices let students answer without the fear of being embarrassed if they are incorrect. The ability to get instant feedback helps students learn what they need to know. The response devices are being used primarily in Math and Science classes, but Language Arts and Social Studies teacher are also using the devices to help students learn.